Emily Anime


Biographical Info
Kanji エミリー
Romaji Emirī
Age 45
Gender Female
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Emily (エミリー, Emirī) is Koyuki's homeroom teacher. She made a contract with a Horologue.




Emily wished to stay young and made a contract with a Horologue. When the class finished the students were talking about her. Later, Koyuki noticed that Emily has turned into a teen, which triggering Koyoki's will to form a contract with a Horologue. At the night Koyuki tried to call a Horologue, Emily, who has turned into a kid, suddenly appeared and begged to the Horologue to return her "time". Victor Putin tried to drag her away. However, the Horologue completely ate her lifespan and turned her into nothingness.