Blaze Anime


Biographical Info
Kanji ブレイズ
Romaji Bureizu
Age 25 (Manga)
16 (Anime)
Gender Male
Media Info
Anime Debut Episode 3
Voiced by Kenji Akabane

Blaze (ブレイズ, Bureizu) is a Chronos Ruler and member of the Chronos Organization. He is introduced as an antagonist but later turned into an ally and becomes the self-proclaimed Kiri Putin's "older brother".




Blaze lived as a good boy, spending his time to help others. However, his childhood friend acted bad and caused trouble to others everyday. Blaze tried to rehabilitate his friend, but his friend tricked him. He burned a windmill hut right before Blaze. As a result, the villagers' wrath directed to Blaze instead of his friend. They believed that Blaze was just pretending to be a good boy. As such, Blaze realized that once people made a mistake, their good acts would be forgotten. Due to this trauma, he eventually decided to become the worst person in the world.



Time Manipulation: Blaze's power allows him to ruler over fire.

Anime & Manga Differences

  • In Episode 10, when Aiks was about to finish Victor off, Victor was saved by Blaze. However, in the anime, Victor was saved by Kiri instead. In the manga, Kiri was the one who fought Raiko instead of Blaze.